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To our customers,

Ship2World exists to enable businesses of all sizes to develop more efficient shipping strategies. Led by a team of three women, our passion is to help your business grow – we will take the pains out of cross-border shipping.

Your delivery, your way, all the time.

We are supported by the globally renowned carrier One World Express, while our platform is powered by SmartTrack, a market-leading integrated global shipping solution.

Ship2World is designed for vendors ranging from sole traders and SMEs to large enterprises and multinationals. Because of our relationship with the carrier One World Express who has access to more than 130 leading logistics partner companies we will give you the best solution to ship your goods anywhere in the world.

Once a shipment option has been selected, you can then print your own labels and take your packages to the nearest drop-off point.

Ship2World’s ship smart technology can also connect to your online shop and many Marketplace (coming soon), meaning sales automatically generate new shipping orders.

Our platform is providing businesses with the tools to increase profits.

Our platform is providing businesses with the tools to increase profits.
A new e-Shop – find the perfect service package for international delivery
Secure your packaging and collect loyalty points on your Ship2World account
A charity partner, meaning customers can help us build a better planet

Warmest regards,

Ship2World Team

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